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Seat Portable System instructions

Hi all, sorry to be dense but I just can't work out what I need to keep and what to update to give me the latest maps on my Navigon Seat Portable System. Does anyone have a step by step idiots guide? Thank you in advance :)
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How to update maps Navigon 70 Automotive

Hi, I downloaded Q3 maps 2015 update.
I replaced the files from the maps with the files on my device, and it will not detect the maps after reboot of my VW Up! device....

Any hints or tips?
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I have a gps navigon 7100.
Intended to install IGO8.
Is it possible?
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Navigon MN 8.x.x - Keys in file DEVICE.XML

<C1P0>FEH8Y2-2N9Y97-78F225</C1P0> <!-- Premium-TMC Deutschland -->
<C1P3>3RFBTU-N3YBZX-18NHWH</C1P3> <!-- Premium-TMC United Kingdom -->
<C1P4>EZUXX5-N86J5A-K4Y27H</C1P4> <!-- ViaMichelin France -->
<C1P14>5QP2A4-KUZ3ZX-FXDXDH</C1P14> <!-- Premium-TMC Finnland -->
<C1P16>B46K2A-YMHGHE-9Y4K1D</C1P16> <!-- Premium-TMC Norwegen -->
<C1P17>16YC5S-TBG5FF-K18CUN</C1P17> <!-- Premium-TMC Sweden -->
<C1P18>FH45J7-ST4JZV-7VHWHH</C1P18> <!-- Premium-TMC Österreich bei MN7.4.3 -->
<C1P19>CG1XUP-R574D2-R3CQTW</C1P19> <!-- TrafficNav Hungary -->
<C1P20>33X9F3-EB1Q7G-1GBDTH</C1P20> <!-- TrafficNav Slovenia -->
<C1P24>AH2QU2-VNUM35-RQB65D</C1P24> <!-- Premium-TMC Polen -->

<C4P4>3SXBW6-VD7FMK-MTX5MW</C4P4> <!-- Reale Beschilderung -->
<C4P5>9QA4C2-NSE2QG-H6X55D</C4P5> <!-- Fahrspurassistent Pro -->
<C4P7>73BFWQ-2EACRJ-4ZY6ND</C4P7> <!-- Dadurch wird BT ...
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6300 codes?

Hi, I'm just new to this site but thought to join in the off chance that someone may know a few tricks, in regard to the 6300 - Australian version.
I love the device, particularly panoramic view, however, I would like to know whether I can access "active lane assist" and or "premium TMC".

Does anyone know whether this can be done?

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forgoten password

i have a problem i forgot the password on my gps navigon 4350 max please help me how to reset the password tnx
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Map update

Hi, how do I do after download maps to get them to work on my device ?
Or is there already a thread for this, where then ?

R. Jan
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How to get TMC to work on 7100 running MN743-793

I am only the messenger and I do not own any Navhon device, so I can not tell you if this possibly works or not. You are free to try it out and report back.

Originally Posted by bossy I have figured out how to get TMC to work on a Navigon 7100 running 7.4.3 793 and Q3 2009 maps!

I was using a hex editor to look inside the Q2 TMC.nfs file, and I ...
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cool free tool for text to speach

i found this free web site where you can make your own text to speech files. it is very useful if your using the add on poi warner to make your own alert for approaching a poi such as redlight cams or if you know how to edit the the saysings folder navigon you can make new sayings for almost anything . just type your text in the box and it coverts it to a ...
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How to get Panorama 3D View on 4350max

Panorama 3D View on 4350max
41x0Max Original software is in the (flash). Normally putting in the key, placing the file and correcting the settings is enough to let the thing come alive.

Panorama 3D View, is basically a 3D view mode that uses NASA terrain data to provide digital elevations to give you a close to real picture of what the sorounding landscape might look like. Street names are disable in this mode which is ...
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