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He calculates the travel time badly   

He calculates the travel time badly

Postby trebor22 » Wed Jan 16, 2019 7:31 pm

I am using iGO_israel_Gift.18.27.658108. I noticed that when calculating the travel time, for example on motorways in Poland, the navigation takes into account the speed limit that can be set in a specific vehicle, e.g. 80 km / h. However, in Germany, when driving on motorways where there is no limited maximum speed when calculating the travel time on the motorway, it does not take into account the set limit of 80 km / h and, for example, can calculate the travel time with an average speed of 120 km / h, despite the max. speed 80 km / h.
UżywałemPrimo.Truck.Evo.2017.Q3.PL. on the same HERE 2017.Q3 maps, the time it takes to travel on motorways in Germany is calculated correctly.

I thought that this may be due to the fact that there are no speed limits on German highways. But when I used Primo.Truck.Evo.2017.Q3.PL. he calculated the travel times correctly. You are right that often the theoretical and actual arrival times do not go hand in hand, but sometimes this information for route planning is useful. I do not know why this is the difference in both applications. It should not be like that. Does any of the honorable forum members have an idea where you can intervene in the matter of this error, maybe the manufacturer.
I compared files in the Primo.Truck.Evo.2017.Q3.PL application. i in iGO_israel_Gift.18.27.658108 but as a person who does not know much about the subject, I did not notice anything. The difference is probably in the program.

The route from the Świecie border to Dortmund 523 km will show 5:11 hrs. At the 80 km / h setting, the travel time should be around 6:30

In Poland, the Warsaw route, the Konotopa junction to the secular 470 km, the travel time on the A2 motorway is 6:10 h. That is correct.

I am asking for information if someone calculates well the travel times with the set speed eg 80 km / h in the IGO NextGen application. Thank you for this answer is important information for me. I use navigation for professional purposes.
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