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Would some1 pls post tutorials for a. patching b. installing

Hi, it is much appreciated the work people do to maintain this site, but it is almost incomprehensible for new arrivals, including myself. Please note I first registered 11 years ago.

I can do almost everything if I get an an explanation and a method. I can search and research also.

Here the information is buried in tons and tons of threads and often is obscure, incomplete and if it has a shred of clarity ...
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BMW Motorrad Navigator III / Streetpilot 2820

Hello everyone,

I recently bought an old unit of the BMW Motorrad Navigator III as part of restoring an older BMW Motorcycle.
The Navigator has the Garmin City Europe NT v9 maps installed and I would like to update them to the latest compatible version.

I've been looking for some days online and on this forum and I cannot find any tutorial on how this would be possible, which is the latest map version and ...
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Step-by-Step: How to download images and create JNX files

After watching a zillion YouTube videos with no results, I worked out a way to select and download imagery with Global Mapper and convert it into .JNX files, so it can be uploaded into Garmin devices.

The version of Global Mapper I am using is 15.2.

This board requires you to be registered and logged-in to view hidden content.

I am new to this program and I managed to get results through trial and error, so it is a very basic tutorial and ...
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SD Card Basics

Hi, I am new to this forum and hoping someone can point me in the right direction.

I am planning on doing Route 66 next year and an downloading the City Navigator North America rar file, for the purpose.
I will also get a suitable (Blank) SD Card

But I dont know what to do with the files in order succesfully load them onto the card. Formats, File Stucture, Other files etc.

I am pretty ...
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How to: unlock map for Basecamp

Any idea how to unlock a map for basecamp. The manual says using Jetmouse…
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Garmin Zumo 660 is "lock"/ empty/ in my PC

When i try to go inside d:/garmin/ .. there is only folder Audible, and thats empty ?? Navi working fine, but now i can move any Speedcams to my device... and nothing else offcourse.... sorry my weak english.

What i can do ????
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Garmin 50LMT-D Teardown

Hi guys, i did a teardown of my 50LMT-D in case you guys were interested in what the internals are like these days or if you wanted to know the model number of the screen or battery to order a replacement. The cpu is hidden under a heatsink/emf shield unfortunately.

I don't suppose anyone knows of a 3rd party charger that has an antenna built-in as i bought mine without a charger so i can't ...
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How to find hidden maps on Garmin Nuvi

Hi Guy's,
As you can see I am new to this so please be patient :tease: I have had trouble locating the maps on my Garmin Nuvi 1390 until today :023: here is how you find them :-
1: Connect the Garmin to the PC
2: Go to my Computer and double click on Garmin
3: Top left hand ...
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Here the simplest solution to unlock Garmin maps.

Protected toolkit_2254_x86 or Garmin Garmin file toolkit_2254_x64

Just open the system that matches your application.
Drag the locked map into the blank window.
Wait a few seconds to gather information.
It will report if locked.
In that case click on "Unlock File"
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Terms and definitions of GARMIN maps

Image version
Garmin map image is standard version for all Garmin devices and software solutions for other mobile devices. File extension is always .img, path and file name depends on device and function of the image, look >>>here.
NOTE: Garmin *.img files are no CD/DVD images! They are not compatible with well known image burning programs!

MapSource, CD/DVD, PC or gmap version
These are all names for map versions, which has to be installed on ...
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