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START50 / NAV4-s5

sorry, noob question and I realise I am opening myself up to ridicule here...

I have inherited a START50 with NV4-s5 hardware
I'm happy to delete it, wipe clean and start over but I cannot connect via my computer through anything but mydrive connect.
Do I take it that it cannot be done?

thanks in advance

bootloader v 2011.09.00742-gad9c9e4
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How do Map versions work? v9XX => v1XXX


really quick question.

if I have a Oceania v975.XX version map, can I update to the latest v1XXX. versions or must I only stay within the v9XX version which is v995 (from 2017)?

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TomTom XL IQ dct error

Hello everyone,

I'm trying to make the most out of my old GPS but when i try to patch the maps. I get the below error. Am i doing something incorrectly?

Integrated meta.txt is dated 21/06/2022 11:00 PM

..:: FastActivate 21/06/2022 ::..
data110.chk => .dct OK
Complete Map(s):
Australia-22.meta => .dct OK
Incomplete Map(s):
Australia-103435.meta => .dct ERROR
Speed cameras:
Safety_Cam_AU_TomTom.ov2 => .dct OK
Safety_Cam_AU_Premium.ov2 => .dct OK
BIF File......F:\TTGO.BIF
KeyGen ...
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Carminat Live 9.847

Hello, i have TT Carminat Live v9.847 in my car, can be anything done regarding manual map update? maybe patching TT Home app?
Looking for any tips.

upload photo to internet free
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Update One XL 30 Series

Hello i have the Tom Tom XL 30 Series which is no longer supported by Tom Tom. how do i update the maps and keep them up to date?
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Tomtom XL files on the device when new

I have a secondhand XL v9 where I have changed the files several times over the years in order to keep it working ( ie navcore 9.541 etc)
I am sure I have several files/folders on the device which are junk so I want to know if there is a list somewhere of the files installed on the XL when new so I can compare with my device and get back some space
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Community POI stopped

My brand new Go Camper Max will not accept community POI files. I have followed the video and the handbook which both tell me how to do it but it doesnt work. The TomTom community say that this has been disabled on the latest Go Discover, Go Expert and Go Camper Max. So I guess TOMTOM are going to start offering a number of chargeable Community POI files and the only way to get them ...
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Go930 Bootloader

Hello everybody
Is there a list of bootloader for TomTom Go930T
I have 3 go930 and 2 different Bootloader.
Thank's a lot
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FastActivate will not Patch TT Home

Recently downloaded 2 maps and sorted the activation with FA and working.

TT Home 2.9 will not open the maps for any updates etc. via USB to TT One XL

Tried using FA to Patch TT Home, comes up with a error 'TomTom Home Profile Dll not found. Again via USB to device.

TT Home says: Internal/Malformed#create Item from server+<Map. Replaced Map "United_Kingdom_and_Republic_Of_Ireland".

FA Help says no files etc are needed to Update TT Home ...
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Newly downloaded maps - DCT Error

Downloaded 2 maps for UK & ROI & Canada & Alaska, both have META Files.

Ran FastActivate, and updated, updated Meta.txt and ran Patch maps etc.
Both maps have a dct error ?
Both maps speedcams etc ov2 dct's ok

How can I access the META File for the maps to check the coding and edit if need be. WordPad or NotePad will not open them in readable text.

Is there another reason for the ...
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