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Help Nuvi 1200

Hi Looking for some help updating a nuvi 1200 for my mate or a simple step by step i could follow to load a map of USA onto the device. First time trying to do it and i have no idea what or how to start.

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Unlock gmap on OSx


I have the latest City Navigator North America NT 2019.10 gmap
Only this one is till 'locked' and i need a un-locked version to use with my Mapsource on my iMac

Is there a easy way to unlock those maps .. i don't have a 'Windows' PC .. only Mac here.

Thanks for the help / information

Bill - Belgium
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Looking for a help with StreetPilot C340/ USA-Canada

I am new to Garmin used device reformatting with new maps .
please guide me 1. How can I update my Garmin Maps for old streetpilot c340 usa canada maps ?
i know i should require a tool to unlock the device.
download a new map and put it in the device but going thru lot of post with no help
sorry for my english.
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gmap folder usage vs copying img file

I an updating a couple of 1490's, both with 8Gb SD cards.

I have both the 2018.20 img file, and it's piece parts (JCV, etc.) as well as the "City Navigator North America NT 2018.20.gmap" folder structure.

I understand how to make use of the img file. But I can't find how to use the gmap folders. I've seen references to using Mapsource, but last year when I went through this , I understood Mapsource ...
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Nuvi 2240 Mini edition

Is it possible to update the internal card?
Do i need to make some adjustments to the software?
I'm a bit familiar with updating TT's but never have done a Garmin before.
Is there a step by step manual?

Greetz Dennis
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Map problems with Drivesmart 61 LMT-S

I've got a new Drivesmart 61 LMT-S with Europe maps.
I want to add US maps but whatever i try, i always get the message that the maps are damaged and unusable.
Used the unlocked image D3836180A.img and also gmapsupp.img. These were copied in the unit in the Garmin/maps folder but also on a SD card in a Garmin folder.
The message when starting the GPS is always that the maps are damaged and unusable ...
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Help with patching Garmin please !!!


I am not sure if this is correct

1 Set device to Mass Storage
2 Safe & then remove any gupdate.gcd from your device.
3 Download the patcher
4 Open patcher and drop the gupdate.gcd (That's the copy of the original from my gamin .sytem folder
5 incrementing the version by 1 during the patch process (Do I need to do that???)
then simply renaming the patched GCD file to GUPDATE.GCD
6 After I ...
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Adding second map to Nuvi 2xxx

I've done a bit of reading but just want some input on this.
If a Nuvi 2xxx already has a map in it and I want to add a second map (so I can choose depending on which country I am in at the time)
is it sufficient to add \Map\.img to the /.system folder and put the new map and associated files in there?
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Help updating Nuvi 200 maps - UK


I am hoping to update my Garmin Nuvi 200

I have installed and ran the Garmin WebUpdater on the sat nav.

Can someone please explain where I can download any updated maps for my sat nav? If this is possible to install through my laptop into the Garmin folder?

Or will I need to put them on an SD Card?

Confused with these and need it to work!

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New map not displayed on Garmin 200

I have a problem with a 200.

I installed map via MapInstall, in unit in "Map Info" it shows but I cant see any street in "View map".

I tried with NT and NTU versions, same issue.

Please help!
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