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navitel Win CE maps for middle east region

Hello friends I need Navitel maps for Win CE version 6.0 for the middle east region. Many thanks
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Magellan Files Needed urgently

I know the device is very old and probably won't be able to get a response but any help is appreciated.
I accidentally formatted the GPS USB partition for the GPS and don't have any files for it anymore, If anyone has the files and can send them that will be great, I forgot to back up the files so I have a device that I can't use If someone can upload it and ...
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START50 / NAV4-s5

sorry, noob question and I realise I am opening myself up to ridicule here...

I have inherited a START50 with NV4-s5 hardware
I'm happy to delete it, wipe clean and start over but I cannot connect via my computer through anything but mydrive connect.
Do I take it that it cannot be done?

thanks in advance

bootloader v 2011.09.00742-gad9c9e4
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How do Map versions work? v9XX => v1XXX


really quick question.

if I have a Oceania v975.XX version map, can I update to the latest v1XXX. versions or must I only stay within the v9XX version which is v995 (from 2017)?

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Latest V3 Europe DVD

Does anyone know where I can get the .iso for Latest V3 Europe (West) DVD or if there is anyway of converting Openstreetmaps to run on this Sat Nav?
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Tom Tom Go in the car

We bought a new car last week and it has Android Auto.
I downloaded the tom tom go app and the the car saw it ion the screen.
But when i install a cracked app, the car does not see the app in android auto.
What am i doing wrong?
It is for a Toyota Yaris 2020
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iGO Australia & New Zealand 2021.Q4

iGO Australia & New Zealand 2021.Q4

Content; Image

This board requires you to be registered and logged-in to view hidden content.

Credit; batiskaf
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Medion GoPal E323x MD 97540

I have one of these devices, and wish to replace the very old s/w with NavigatorFREE.
Has anyone done this (or similar)?
The problem is GoPal 4 doesn’t have an exit button, and I can’t access the Desktop in order to launch any new software...
It looks like MENU.EXE in the root just calls another MENU.EXE which provides the GUI shell...
Attempting to replace either file just causes the device to hang at the ...
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BLAUPUNKT CD Maps of Greece

Hi all, I hope my question isn't stupid.

I recently retired to Greece and brought my 2005 UK Touareg with me. I'm struggling to find any info to confirm that back in the day CD maps of Greece existed. Given the cars were sold here with factory nav systems, I reasonably conclude maps must have been available?

Does anyone know of a source or a download to burn a CD from?

I've already wasted money ...
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TomTom XL IQ dct error

Hello everyone,

I'm trying to make the most out of my old GPS but when i try to patch the maps. I get the below error. Am i doing something incorrectly?

Integrated meta.txt is dated 21/06/2022 11:00 PM

..:: FastActivate 21/06/2022 ::..
data110.chk => .dct OK
Complete Map(s):
Australia-22.meta => .dct OK
Incomplete Map(s):
Australia-103435.meta => .dct ERROR
Speed cameras:
Safety_Cam_AU_TomTom.ov2 => .dct OK
Safety_Cam_AU_Premium.ov2 => .dct OK
BIF File......F:\TTGO.BIF
KeyGen ...
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