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New Zealand Speed Cameras   

New Zealand Speed Cameras

Postby k1w1_123 » Mon Jun 01, 2020 5:00 am

This file contains details of fixed speed cameras, red light cameras, bus lane cameras, railway crossings and town entry points for all of New Zealand, with the following provisos.

1) Fixed Speed Cameras (type 1)
All active speed cameras (from the NZ Police website), plus 2 operated by Auckland Transport. Obsolete wet-film and dummy cameras are excluded. Every operational fixed camera in New Zealand is listed.
Locations are exact according to Google satellite and street views.
Almost all have directional information, apart from where it is inappropriate or the camera is not yet visible on street view. In any case all NZ fixed cameras can capture your speed in both directions.

2) Average Speed Cameras (type 4)
The Waterview tunnel contains fixed speed cameras which I have treated as average speed cameras (type 4) because I am unable to locate the cameras precisely, and in any case most GPS devices are unable to give an accurate position inside a tunnel. The file does not contain coordinates for the actual average speed cameras being trialled on the Auckland Southern motorway as I cannot find any information as to actual locations or direction of travel covered.

3) Red Light Cameras (types 3 & 11)
List is taken from newspaper reports and Auckland City, HERE, TomTom, and NZ Police data so should be complete.
Locations are effective i.e. the centre of the intersection, and the direction(s) of travel which they cover. The actual camera can be positioned up to 50 metres from the intersection.
Cameras isted as Red Light and Speed Cameras (type 11) are capable of measuring speed. It is unclear whether this capability is presently being used.

4) Railway Crossings (type 6)
Locations taken from the 2019 Q4 HERE .spc file and Kiwirail, duplicates removed and all locations confirmed accurate according to HERE satellite maps. Files are split into North and South Islands for ease of maintenance.

5) Bus Lane Cameras (type 7)
Locations are taken from Auckland City press releases and newspaper reports from other centres so may not be complete.
Locations are actual apart from Great South Road in Grey Lynn where camera installation has been announced but none are yet visible in Google street view. Remember that almost all bus lane cameras face the direction of travel, so the monitored section of road is AFTER you pass the camera.

6) Town Entry Points (type 10)
Locations taken from the 2019 Q4 HERE .spc file. These are generally main road entry points only.

If you use these files, delete all New Zealand Speedcam.txt and Speedcam.spc files, otherwise you will get duplicate and false alarms. The TomTom School Zones.SPC file should be retained if you find it useful.

Information was compiled with the help of Google street view, Google satellite view and the excellent Spudigo programme developed by @djeman. You can also use this tool to visualise the speed cameras on a map.

A special thanks to @isis4osiris for providing decoded versions of the .spc files, without which this would not have been possible.

If you want to suggest any additions, deletions or corrections, please feel free to comment on this thread. PM me for broken links

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