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Installing a new SD Card   

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Installing a new SD Card

Postby JensenVM9726BT » Fri Jul 27, 2018 9:42 pm


A few years ago, purchase a 2009 FEH, which came with a Jensen VM9726BT installed. The Micro SD Card for the Navigation was missing.

At that time, I contacted both Navi and Jensen to attempt to purchase a new SD Card, using the Navi Toolbox on Win10

Jensen told me that a regular micro sd card wouldn't work because of security reasons. They told me I'd have to get one from them for $50. they'd send me an sd card pre-loaded,

At that time, I waited, and didn't pursue it. I probably should have. However, after watching my spouse get lost visiting tampa, fl., using her Google Maps on her phone, I realized, maybe she'd benefit from an active GPS in the car. Sure, I can purchase a used garmin on CL for $10 but I'd like to resolve what's I'm already working with, if possible.

So,I recently reached out and they told me I'd have to now buy it through the Navi Site, while the Navi site says that if my SD card is missing the base files, I'd have to contact Jensen for that, So, I'm getting the catch 22 issue here.

I'm interested in trying to pursue resolving the issue already present. I just don't know enough about it,

I need to find out if I can use an 8 GB Micro SDHC card formatted to FAT32 and if I can get the Data, simply add it, Is 8GB too big, should I be using a 4GB card?

After reading the Jensen Manual, I had conflicting info as to what it even uses. I read that it uses AtlasMap but later read it uses iGo and also read somewhere it uses Primo2, I'm too green here,

I've tried a few different things, such as, adding Primo2 to an SD Card and attempting to use the NaviToolbox to recognize it, it doesn't.
(I installed the required base files, non-tts voice file, Program-Interfgace Language file but Idk where to find the exact Map for Florida, USA or North America and/or where to put it into the card) At the end of the day, idk if any of this will work.

I tried downloading the North America-USA-Canada Map here on the site by nyky but that didn't ever download because of my "turned off ad-blocker" that it thinks is on...

If someone has the ability to point me in the right direction, where I can download what I need and put it into the sd card, and Navi toolbox will actually recognize it, and the Nav in my car will actually work, that'd be great.

I've spent too many hours on this, and I'd really like to just buy an SD card that would work, but if you have some simple step by step directions with links, I'd really appreciate it, feel free to reach out,

Any productive advice or suggestions are welcome,

thanks in advance,
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