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iGO navigation keep searching GPS signal after loss signal e

I have tried serval version of iGO navigation apps. The location on the map is accurate. the GPS signal seems pretty good, but iGO keep searching for GPS signals, can not start navigation. If I turn on airplane mode once then turn off, iGO then can navigate after that.
Does anyone know how to fix this problem?
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IGO 9.6.7 Screen cut off at bottom

Hi Guy,

anyone experienced a problem with Igo on android where the bottom part of the screen is cut off. I have tried to change resolution and screen size through the sys.txt however it does not seem to stop that when it runs the bottom part of the app is off the screen which stops me being able to press any buttons along the bottom.

I have changed the rawdisplay setting to everything I can ...
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Notice of Alert Points (radars) by BIP and VOICE in the Prim

I'm from Brazil
It is possible for Primo to have beep warning, similar to igo my way,
Even if you also have voice notification, using voice tts .... ?????
f it goes back to beep and a voice ....
He would draw more attention to the radar warnings,
For the voice we hear every moment,
We just got used to the bell
And we can distract ourselves
If it is not possible with commands ...
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Winrar 4.01

I have recently replaced the hard drive in my computer.

During this work i have lost my copy of Winrar 4.01, and so i have now installed Winrar v 5.4.

I have always understood that using versions later then 4.01 can cause corruption in some iGO files.

Can anyone confirm that using version 5.4 will maintain file integrity.

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Necesito un skin para una resolucion 1532×2560 pantalla 5.3"
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Pioneer screen view

I just got a Pioneer x200NEX, it is running iGO GPS software, however the screen looks like a standard "tomtom" GPS, I can not change the car icon, it's just an arrow, I do not see "horizon" or relief, it is prety dull. Is this normal? Any hidden settings?

It is running on android, igo version is

Random image took on the net, mine looks like this:

Any way to make it ...
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Primo 2.4 ( Maps?

Can anyone lead me to the updated maps for Primo 2.4 ( I downloaded a couple of the 83_Here.2016 Q3 in the maps section but it seem all the map only work for iGo 8.3. But all other files like building, speed cam, POI, etc... work fine except for the maps. Currently been stuck with R3_Here.2013.Q3 maps. Am I stuck with this old map or do I need to switch to iGo 8.3 to update?
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is this a sys file fault?

Hi Guys & Gals

I have a chinese unit that resembles a VW touch screen unit thats running win ce 6 with igo on it but the problem im faced with is it seems to always take me the long way round even if i select shortest or fastest route an often says something about restrcted area for my vehicle type even though i select car so could someone look at my sys file and ...
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Trying to update in car system

hi all,
I have recently purchased a second hand car which has a navigation system which has been added. I want to update the software. When I look at the memory stick there is a directory called IGO and then a subdirectory EUROPA and then a directory called PRIMO. There are a number of sub directories including one called TTS_nua_v5.

Any idea what this is and how I can upgrade it???

Thanks in advance

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IGO on Krämer KR737


i own a Krämer KR737 1 din car navi.
Its an older model that came 2013 with Sygic software installed.
I have not used it for the last 2 years.
Now i would like to install this unit in my wifes Car, and install IGo in it.
I tried and tried, but i can`t get it to work.
Is there someone out there that could help me out please ?

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