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is this a sys file fault?

Hi Guys & Gals

I have a chinese unit that resembles a VW touch screen unit thats running win ce 6 with igo on it but the problem im faced with is it seems to always take me the long way round even if i select shortest or fastest route an often says something about restrcted area for my vehicle type even though i select car so could someone look at my sys file and ...
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Trying to update in car system

hi all,
I have recently purchased a second hand car which has a navigation system which has been added. I want to update the software. When I look at the memory stick there is a directory called IGO and then a subdirectory EUROPA and then a directory called PRIMO. There are a number of sub directories including one called TTS_nua_v5.

Any idea what this is and how I can upgrade it???

Thanks in advance

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IGO on Krämer KR737


i own a Krämer KR737 1 din car navi.
Its an older model that came 2013 with Sygic software installed.
I have not used it for the last 2 years.
Now i would like to install this unit in my wifes Car, and install IGo in it.
I tried and tried, but i can`t get it to work.
Is there someone out there that could help me out please ?

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Igo Primo Switched off on head unit now will not start

I have a generic Chinese 2 din head unit running windows CE. The other day after finishing a journey Igo asked if this was my final destination to which I confirmed yes. Beside the confirm Icons was a power off button in red which lead me to believe that it would shut down the program which I touched.

Now when I start the GPS on the head unit all I get is a blank screen. ...
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IGO 8 couldn't find satellites

This is a no name unit, wince, Nav N Go IGO, 4 GB. It worked perfectly until last week, no sure it because of hardware problem or kids played it like a toy pressed buttons entered wrong info.
Now it could be started and load up program and map, but couldn't find the satellites to locate itself. Had tried selecting auto detect in MENU-SETTING-GPS, it shows GPS drivers is successfully connected(Port 1, Baud 38400), ...
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Computer Guy But Never Updated a GPS!

Kind of embarrassed that as an experienced IT guy I can't seem to figure out how to update my GPS' firmware/maps. There is not much identifying info on the hardware or through the OS, so I put the SD card in my laptop and found the following info in various files:

  • Delco_QX-BH751T
  • iGO Primo 2.4
  • Log file which seems to indicate it is using Windows CE

Google didn't give me much resources! How do I ...
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Problem with the alert distance with Primo 2


My GPS Igo Primo asks me to turn much too late, I would like it to give me the alarm earlier.
I think we need to change the distance from the alert.

I think it's in file you need to change the info.
D:\Program Files\Primo2\save\profiles\01\system.ini

I think the infos are these.

preshow_distance_cat0="700 "

are you ok with me ? ...
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Uniden igo500

Hi all.
I have a Uniden Igo500 that has a problem.
When turning it on an error comes up telling me that the application failed to start last time and asks if I want to reset to factory defaults.
No matter whether I select yes or no a black square appears in the middle of the screen and won't dissapear.
I have checked the crash log and it shows an out of memory error.
Its ...
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Cannot find nngnavi error message

I recently purchased a used vehicle,I went to use the navigation and got directed to the calibration screen. After the step I received "error, failed to save touch" followed by "cannot find nngnavi,(or one of its components) Make sure the path and filename are correct and all the required libraries are available ". On the actual unit it has a slot for the SD card but it's missing, so I assume the previous owner ...
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Primo not 'mixing' with head unit.

Hi, I have a Chinese no name double din. I run Primo 2.4. Primo runs fine and I hear the audio and TTS when the application is 'open', but even if I leave Primo running in the background on my double din, for example if I press the Home screen to listen to a CD, I no longer hear Primo.

Obviously I want to be able to hear Primo wherever I am on the double ...
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