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Folders & files structure

Hi! I´ve just downloaded City Navigator South America 2018.20 and have gmap3d, gmapprom and gmapdem.img files along with JCV and SID folders.
Do I have to copy everything into a Garmin folder including the JCV and SID folder or these folders go outside the Garmin folder?
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help unlock map on echomap 72sv

I just purchased new Garmin echomap 72SV and I got a msg that the map is locked. anybody knows how to bypass the lock msg? please
the chart I am using is (HXAW005A-The Gulf & Red Sea v2017.0) GMA creation date & time (16.02.2017 19:45:33). please advice
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Edit the voices

Is there any way to edit the voices on the Garmin. Instead of 'Recalculating' I could have 'for F~~~s sake you've gone wrong again' this would impress my humorous friends and family. I would say 'it came like this they are all the same' .

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Garmin Safety Cameras - locations.

Back again.

So used in using TomTom.

Having installed the latest updates of Cyclops. Although the Garmin alerts if when in a 'safety camera zone'.

Can it show the actual location of the Safety camera location as with TomTom.

Also as I found with TomTom not all locations are listed/alerted, with TomTom I could add a camera location to my device and built up extra locations.

How with Garmin.

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Nuvi 760 - POI Format

Trying to set-up my sons Garmin for Canada and UK, where I normally use my TomTom.

Wanting to download various POI's for Red light camera's, Petrol stations, Supermarkets and many more.

But looking on 'GPS POI File' website for Garmin, there are several formats ie: Garmin POI BMP, Garmin POI CSV, and Garmin POI GPX to display when nearby etc as on TomTom.

Which one should be used for the nuvi 760.

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nuvi 760 - Multi Maps on SD ?

I have unlocked and selected which areas of 2 downloads.

NT North America 2019-10 and NT Europe 2018-20.

I have used Mapinstall to load the maps to a 4g sd, but only the last map loaded is seen, the first has been removed.

I want to load areas of the 2019-10 in Canada and several areas in Europe but with different names ie: UK or Italy and Germany. 4 Maps in total.

On the current ...
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NUVI 760 - Maps for Canada

Shortly shall be travelling to British Columbia and Alberta.

Previously I've used my TomTom and found it sluggish.

So this time I'm trying my son's NUVI 760 with a SD card.

Can anyone suggest which map I need to mount on a sd card as I am totally a novice with Garmin having used TomTom.

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How to get more songs on your old Garmin Nuvi

If you have an old Garmin Nuvi, it has a built in MP3 Player.

However, you can only have 1,000 max MP3 files.

Solution: Use some free software to do an "MP3 merge" of the songs on an album.

If there are 10 songs on an album you will get 1 larger MP3 file with the 10 songs in it.

Put this new larger file on your Garmin thinks you only have 1 song, not ...
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Garmin DriveSmart™ 61 LMT-S SD Card Maps

Another one for the brains trust. Drivesmart 61LMT-S will not keep unlocked maps installed on the SD card selected following a restart. I have a topo map which is too large for the device that I wish to use all the time from the SD Card but the issue means that everytime the device starts, no maps are selected (blank screen) until I go back in and re-select it. This occurs everytime the device restarts. ...
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nuvi 265w no USB access

Hoping the brains trust can help out. Have an old Nuvi 265w which I am trying to get my favourites off of. unit is extremely slow to start and respond to button presses but it still works. I cannot get it to connect to Garmin express or webupdator. Drives are seen when connected within windows, SD is accessable but the unit itself isn't and it just hangs, even left over night. Doesn't show as a ...
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