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Want to update old Zumo 550

I have an older Zumo 550 that needs it's map updating.
When i got the unit maps were from about 2009, so done some reading and downloading and move across from pc to the 550 using simple windows explorer (no Garmin software on pc yet) and replaced old "gmapprom.img" with new version of "gmapprom.img" which is 360mb compared to older which is 1.24GB, so i presume i have updated map files from old europe to ...
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zumo 590 firmware question

can someone redirect me to a threat or tell me if it is possible to "upgrade" the firmware from a zumo 590 to a 595?
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Topo France Montagne Pro


I bought Garmin 64s.
I look for the card(map) Topo France Montagne Pro
Do hou know where i can try this card


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What map do i need for old garmin c510

Hi folks, been given an old c510 to update for a friend.
I believe the map required is uk and Ireland.
What map would be suitable?
Thank you.

PS, current map is CN Europe NT 2012.20
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Drive 51 map problem

Can someone please help me with a Garmin map problem?
I appologise if my questions are dumb, but I am not familiar with Garmin files.
My original unit was a Nuvi 1340 and I purchased the North America NT map a year ago.
The Nuvi got damaged and I have now purchased a Drive 51.
When the SD card containing the American map is inserted, the Drive 51 states the map cannot be unlocked.
On ...
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Cannot unlock Maps

Hi Guys,

I have downloaded and installed City Navigator Europe NT 2017.10 - successfully unlocked per the instructions in the download.

However, when i try and install any maps to my 2508 they install but when i power back on i get an error that the maps cannot be unlocked.

Lost as to what im getting wrong.

Any help would be appreciated.


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Replacing gps power net

Hello, guys.

Please help me to find new forum to replace topic forum. I see that here is low quantity of maps here. At gps power it was a lot, but now....
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Which map do I need


I have a Nüvi 250W with CN Europe NT2014.40 map on the SD card. The gmapsupp.img has a size of 3.284.992.000
I want to update the map but don´t know which map I should download, can someone help me ?
I also understand that to renew the map I only have to replace the img, is that so ?

There are some other gpi files on the SD card, araodtoll.gpi and euspeedcam.gpi are dated ...
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UK & Ireland maps for 1310 info please?

Hi chaps...

this is an addon to my florida request...

I remember ages ago I updated a 1310 using 2017.10 city navigator europe nt uk & ireland,...
I had a look at my old post, and was hoping i may have included how the hell i did it... lol
Can any one tell me if there is an update available for uk & ireland i'm guessing it may be 2017.30, but truthfully i haven't got ...
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Florida maps for nuvi 1310 question..?

Hi Chaps...

I've seen numerous maps available for the USA, but I only require maps that would cover Florida.... If I need to download a larger map covering a larger area that's not a problem, I just don't know which one is which..

Would really appreciate some help/guidance on this...
Thanks in advance chaps..



after doing some more research i was surprised to find that (i think) i need this: America - City ...
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