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How to edit iGo/Primo ZIP files with WinRar   

How to edit iGo/Primo ZIP files with WinRar

Post Number:#1 » Postby Yurbuh Tuggly » Thu Sep 27, 2012 9:27 am

iGo and Primo are both very sensitive to changes in their ZIP files (voices, data, branding, etc).
Unlike 'normal' ZIP files, you typically can NOT just unzip the file, change something, then zip it back up with the same name. iGO will balk at the changes to the zip file (internal verification routines will fail).

This tutorial will show how to edit these sensitive ZIP files successfully using WinRar. Some may tell you there are other ways to successfully edit ZIP files...and they would be correct. But this way shows you a GUARANTEED way to do it...if you decide to try another method, consider it a gamble..it may work, or it may corrupt the zip file according to iGO/Primo.

1) Install WinRar on your Windows PC. You can get an official "trial" version here:
[Please Register or Login to download file]
If you choose to obtain a 'fixed' (registered) version from somewhere, that's fine too.

[color="#FF0000"]Special Note:[/color] Some people report that versions of WinRar beyond 4.01 do not work so well. The LATEST (4.2+) may not work for the following procedure. To be safe, look for version 4.01 which you can find here:
[Please Register or Login to download file]

2) COPY the *.zip file you wish to change/edit to a working folder on your PC. Only work with a COPY (not the original) in case something goes wrong...you should always have a working backup!

In the following example, a Nuance TTS {voice}.zip file is used, but for any other *.zip file, the basic procedures are the same.
Here is the example scenario:
You want to change/edit/customize the dictionary.voice file within the {voice}.zip file.
And you want to change the ENTIRE file...replace it all with something like is available here:

3) Open WinRar on your PC...start the program, do not "start" from the *.zip file itself.
4) DRAG the *.zip file into the WinRar Window:
5) Within the WinRar Window, double click the FOLDER that contains the file you want to edit.
6) Go to your working folder, and open the text file (in Notepad) that contains what you want to add to the file within the *.zip file. Choose Edit/Select All, then Edit/Copy.
Close Notepad.
7) In the WinRar Window, double click the file you wish to edit....if Windows gives you a choice (unknown file type, etc), choose to open the file in Notepad.
8) In Notepad, choose Edit/Select All, then hit the DELETE key on your keyboard (the file is now blank). Choose Edit/Paste.
Choose File/Save.

9) WinRar will popup a window asking if you want to update the archive...answer Yes.

10) [color="#FF0000"]You are done![/color] Close Notepad, Close Winrar ([color="#FF0000"]do not do anything else![/color]). Your *.zip file has been correctly modified. Now you can use it in it's new form.

Can you drag graphics files out/in such as in data.zip or branding.zip? Yes you can...as long as you drag/drop in/out ONLY within the WinRar Window (in the correct folder). Not any other way, and not 'extracting' anything.
When replacing a graphic file, it is better to DELETE it within the WinRar window, then DRAG your new one in it's place...'over-writing' sometimes may not work well.
But that's just my opinion..I could be wrong.
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