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Compatible Chart question

Re: Tom Tom 1095 new maps & Compatible Chart

My GPS: TomTom One XXL 9.510

My previous installed map: United_States_2GB_1090_11420

I don't see a listing in the Compatible 1095 Chart for the 1090's #11420 so no clue which 1095 map I should hope for?

Thanks for reading.
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GPX/Route on a Tomtom One?

Hello all,
Hope you are doing well.
I have an old Tomtom One V3 which always served me well, specially with the updates provided by this forum.
I would like to know if there is any chance to "import" a gpx/route to it. And if yes how.

Thank you
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How update Tomtom Live ?

Hi, :006:

Please, could you help me to update a Tomtom Carminat Live on a Renault Megane 3 (2014) ?
ID of the device: R-Link TomTom Live
Map: Europe v910.v4962

I have found a new map: Europe_Carminat_Live_10.85, with the CID. But after, how I do ? Have you a tutorial ?
(I have seen I have 4 files on the 8gb original SD card: TOMTOM.000, TOMTOM.001, TOMTOM.003 ...
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What's best for One IQ Routes?

I am new to the world of TomTom and recently obtained an One IQ Routes which is on Navcore 9.541, Boot 5.5136 and Western & Central Europe 2gb maps v825.2157

I looked for the tutorials but couldn't understand what the procedures for such NAV2 devices are (there is info for NAV3). I am planning to download the Europe_West_1090_11489 package but how should I proceed next? Do I need to patch the firmware or just ...
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Problem with MAPS 1045 10000

Hi friends

Thank you very much for sharing your excellent work.

I have a Tomtom xxl iq version 9.451, I can see in the table that it is possible to use the Map version 1045 10000

The current version is 'Western_and_Central_Europe_2GB' v840.2562

I try to download an almost identical version + turkey but it is impossible to download a file.

Can you help me to download please? thank you very much and respect to everyone.
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safety cam expired ?

Installed content also does not appear on the map. And it says "safety cam expired". I downloaded and installed the map. Then I installed safety cam automatically with TTActivator.

The navigation device works, but the map still does not appear in the TTActivator and this "safety cam expired" text is still there. How can I solve this problem? thanks.


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START50 / NAV4-s5

sorry, noob question and I realise I am opening myself up to ridicule here...

I have inherited a START50 with NV4-s5 hardware
I'm happy to delete it, wipe clean and start over but I cannot connect via my computer through anything but mydrive connect.
Do I take it that it cannot be done?

thanks in advance

bootloader v 2011.09.00742-gad9c9e4
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How do Map versions work? v9XX => v1XXX


really quick question.

if I have a Oceania v975.XX version map, can I update to the latest v1XXX. versions or must I only stay within the v9XX version which is v995 (from 2017)?

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TomTom XL IQ dct error

Hello everyone,

I'm trying to make the most out of my old GPS but when i try to patch the maps. I get the below error. Am i doing something incorrectly?

Integrated meta.txt is dated 21/06/2022 11:00 PM

..:: FastActivate 21/06/2022 ::..
data110.chk => .dct OK
Complete Map(s):
Australia-22.meta => .dct OK
Incomplete Map(s):
Australia-103435.meta => .dct ERROR
Speed cameras:
Safety_Cam_AU_TomTom.ov2 => .dct OK
Safety_Cam_AU_Premium.ov2 => .dct OK
BIF File......F:\TTGO.BIF
KeyGen ...
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Carminat Live 9.847

Hello, i have TT Carminat Live v9.847 in my car, can be anything done regarding manual map update? maybe patching TT Home app?
Looking for any tips.

upload photo to internet free
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