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Unlock Binatone u435 for iGo, if possible !   

Unlock Binatone u435 for iGo, if possible !

Postby ramses505 » Wed Dec 30, 2020 12:38 pm

I have a Binatone u435 (working with it’s own software) which I would like to unlock and run iGo Primo on if possible. It has an SD Card Slot and I have an SD card.

The unit has 128MB of RAM and running it’s own software seems pretty lively and pleasant to use, however, the maps are way out of date.

I do not seem to be able to connect it to a PC – it supposedly uses ActiveSync and/or Windows Mobile Device Centre (presumably depending on the OS used) – I have found some instructions for connecting and think that I have followed them carefully and correctly, but so far I have failed to achieve a connection. I have tried using a Vista VM and a non virtual Windows 7 installation, without success; I have tried with 3 different USB leads, which work to connect other SataNavs. The version of WMDC I used is installed from a file called ‘drvupdate-x86.exe’. I could try with Windows 10 (either virtual or actual) but would need to build the correct system as apparently it might require a particular build to work (possibly !).

Anyway, I have also read various guides (a very extensive one by ‘Fatboyfun’ – thanks for that) to unlocking Binatone SatNav’s in general and this is what I have tried. I placed an iGo8 folder (and after failing with that, an iGo Primo folder) on the root of the SD Card – I created a “Shell.ini” file (on the root) within which was a single line;

The iGo8 folder (and the Primo folder after that) was renamed ‘MobileNavigator’ and the iGo exe file was renamed to ‘MobileNavigator.exe’.

I inserted the SD Card into the SatNav and restarted it – I get to the normal opening screen (after the Grey and ‘Blue Binatone’ splash screen) and was presented with the two normal buttons – ‘Navigation’ & ‘Setting’ – pressing the ‘Navigation’ always takes me to the Binatones own software.

I have also tried using the ‘Reset’ button at this point with the same results. I have tried each method a good few times.
It may be that this particular SatNav cannot be unlocked, it might be that something is wrong with the SD Card slot – the SD Card works in other devices. It might be that no one knows how to do it, that’s perfectly possible.

If anyone can help with any advice or info that would be absolutely great. I would also welcome some info on how to connect it to a PC where it might then be possible to see how it is programmed to start normally; then it might be possible to subvert it somehow.

Anyway, thanks very much for reading and a very Happy New Year to everyone !

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