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How to get TMC to work on 7100 running MN743-793   

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How to get TMC to work on 7100 running MN743-793

Postby nabi » Fri Jul 01, 2011 9:05 pm

I am only the messenger and I do not own any Navhon device, so I can not tell you if this possibly works or not. You are free to try it out and report back.

Originally Posted by bossy I have figured out how to get TMC to work on a Navigon 7100 running 7.4.3 793 and Q3 2009 maps!

I was using a hex editor to look inside the Q2 TMC.nfs file, and I noticed that the TMC.nfs file-version (for Q2) included EU, NA, SAM, etc. I took this to mean that the TMC.nfs file is a global file and should work no matter where you are. On a hunch, I downloaded the European TMC.nfs file from the Q3 distribution, put it into my map folder, along with my Q3 map, and bingo! it worked! This means that the TMC.nfs file is the same in Europe as it is in North America! This is the missing puzzle piece!

Now I have a fully functional keyboard for searches as well as TMC on my Navigon in Canada.

I am attaching the [Please Register or Login to download file] file for those of you who are interested...
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