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Win CE upgrade?   

Win CE upgrade?

Postby justinpool2 » Sun Mar 15, 2020 10:18 am

Hi all,

Many years ago I got an unbranded GPS navigator. It has served me well, but recently I've wanted to upgrade the firmware - it runs a version of Win CE that is Build 0 from 2011 - hardly the newest!

The Rom Version is V.912C.700100.120.222.4G
App Version: V1.3AF-NUI20-SD-EN
and with a system ID that has a lot of zeroes in it.

It's pretty much like this one: [Please Register or Login to download file]

Any ideas on how I can upgrade the Win CE behind it? I tried getting R2, but it won't run .msi files, and when I tried to convert it to .exe it didn't run. I can get the settings to link up to my Win 10 machine (couldn't verify baud rate(!)), so I can't run Windows Update, and the bluetooth isn't available to do the same.

Many thanks!

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