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RAC200 help please

Wed Jan 08, 2020 8:23 pm

Hello, total newbie. My neighbour has a RAC200 sat nav, which he has asked if I can update the maps (I'm more tech savvy then him) I suggested he got a more upto date sat nav, but he said this one is sentimental and would rather continue using if he could.
So, not being a sat nav savvy kinda gal, I googled and found this site. From what I've read it was, back in the day, possible to use TomTom maps or IGo8.
Could someone please be so kind as to help me. Is it still possible to map up date on this dinosaur using TomTom or IGo8? If it is can someone help me on how to do so please?
The RAC200 has a 256mb SDcard. I'm also on a MacBook, just to add to the mix.

Thanks very much in advance....
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