Renault Update Maps ? Media Nav   

Renault Update Maps ? Media Nav

Postby codeit4me » Sun Sep 22, 2019 9:15 am

Hello, I have a Renault Captur with a Media Nav system. I have a Here_2018_Q1 I do believe. I have no idea how to start and update it. Some guy at the garage said this had been updated before I purchased this ? Is it possible to update it again ? speed cameras and what ever it needs. The firmware is 4.0.6
I have seen a lot of YouTube but straight over my head.
I don't want to brick the system with the lack of knowledge on my side. So any help would be appreciated please. And remember what comes easy to some people may not to me...
PS: what are the difference on Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Maps ?

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Re: Renault Update Maps ? Media Nav

Postby haeewee » Wed Dec 25, 2019 9:57 am

my map updates stuck at map version 1011 . (i have a 3 years update subscription, my capture is now 2 years old) ) (i was able to update once from 1010 to 1011 via rlink-store website and rlink-software on pc, but after that no new updates visible in rlink-store.. this week i looked and a new application update was available. after updating (via USB) i tried to look for map updates. but the rlink-software said my sd card was corrupted and restored a backup. but after that no maps visible. and it got worse, after selecting v1011 again in rlink-store i got an error no space available on SD card.. so i contacted renault support . they recognized the problems (bot no space aeere as no updates via rlink-store).. solution for both was a new SD card from a dealer (which 1st have to be appoved by Renault support (Netherlands in my case), only then a dealer can/may swap SD cards (not all dealers have SD cards available immediatly) i now have version 1015 (stil a year old :( )
so if you have a subscription bougth with your car, contact support, (they can arrange a new SD card (maybe a dealer can arrange it too but i have no experience with that )
regards Erik
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