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Using v1025 maps without metas available   

Using v1025 maps without metas available

Postby Orni » Mon Mar 18, 2019 2:45 pm

Special v1025 maps

Activation of maps with equivalent metas. If you have a map that has no meta, you may be able to activate it if there is an equivalent meta.

So, in simple terms (Iberia_1025_9432 example):

Download/decompress/copy the map that you want to activate (but for which you don't have the meta).
Delete the relavent .meta file
Copy into the map folder the .meta file from the other map (same country - compatible as number) for the same country
Activate the map with the usual system.

For example:

Copy map Iberia_1025_9432
Delete map Iberia_1025_9432 meta file (Iberia-101897.meta)
Copy the meta of Iberia_1025_9390 (Iberia-101856.meta) that has meta code into map Iberia_1025_9432 folder
Unlock the map.

The equivalent numbers are:

• 1025_9379 = 1025_9380 = 1025_9381 = 1025_9424
• 1025_9386 = 1025_9387 = 1025_9388 = 1025_9395 = 1025_9436
• 1025_9390 = 1025_9391 = 1025_9392 = 1025_9432 = 1025_9434

Very important: only when the size of the meta files that we are going to change are the same
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