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Map update & speed cam advice   

Map update & speed cam advice

Postby AJSmif » Fri Nov 16, 2018 1:08 pm

Hi .... I have a wince with IGO primo ...
it came preload with eurpoe maps from 2016....

I downloaded some of the content from TomTom EUROPE 2018.06 to selectively update some of the maps and have some questions...

i) Can I have 2 versions of the same country map in the same folder ... how does primo know which to use? ... is there a way to see which map file primo is using? I now presume I can only have one map file per country and must delete (rename) the old version?

ii) the download file contained .spc files ... does primo need any special license to use these ... the torrent contained 3 license files named Mega_Free_1_Year_Update_FEU_TA_2018_Q2.lyc etc.... not sure what they are ... so copied them to the device content/license folder (this folder now contains lots of lyc & lic files ... do I need them all?

iii) the device speedcam folder contained an .spc file for each map.... also lots of old country speedcam .txt files and an .spd file... I suspect .spd file is the processed speedcam file.
I deleted (renamed) all the old .txt and .spd files and added the new .spc files for the updated maps...
I expected/hoped the .spd file would be recreated from the .spc files ...however only an empty SpeedcamUpdates.spud file has been created and since then speedcams have not appeared when I use primo.

thanks for any help
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Re: Map update & speed cam advice

Postby k1w1_123 » Sat Nov 17, 2018 2:14 am

i) Primo will automatically select the newest map available for each country. If you follow the menu path More...--> Help--> About--> More--> Content--> Maps--> you can confirm which ones are being used.

ii) Whether more licences are needed depend what version of 405512 you have. Most versions don't need additional licences. If your new content is active (not red) in the More...--> Help--> About--> More--> Content--> XXX locations you don't need any more licenses. In any case just copying the licenses into the folder does nothing, you must delete folder "server_configs" and files "device.nng" and "activation_codes" and allow Primo to regenerate them for the new licenses to take effect.

iii) Primo uses the .spc files in their supplied state so no .spd file is created for them but any .txt files in the speedcam folder must be processed into a .spd before Primo can read them. No .txt files means no .spd file is required. If you decide to put the .txt files back, delete the .spud to promote creation of a new .spd. Note there are a great many different hazards classified as speedcams (schools, railway crossings etc etc) and depending on your country actual speedcams may not be included in the SPC
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Re: Map update & speed cam advice

Postby DCD001 » Sat Aug 31, 2019 9:26 pm

k1w1_123 wrote:Map update & speed cam advice

@ k1w1_123
Thanks a lot for your usefull reply to AJSmif post.
It helped me too :023:
Where can I learn in this forum so instructive tips helping me to fix my issue described in my first post "Re-installation of Igo Primo-2 9.6.5 with recent maps Europe" (https://www.navitotal.com/general-discussions-about-igo-core/installation-igo-primo-with-recent-maps-europe-t21403.html) ?
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