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Android 8.0 PX5-Octa HU GPS not locking   

Android 8.0 PX5-Octa HU GPS not locking

Postby gwaitsi » Thu Jan 10, 2019 9:07 am

Hi Guys,

I got a Chinese HU with Android 8 and i have tried both iGO and Sygic original trial versions without success.
iGO - reports looking for satellites
Sygic - shows 10 - 15 satellites but 0 fixes

GPS Status, and GPS Locker both show 10 - 15 Satellites but are unable to lock.
The included GPS Test and GPS Status show the altitude, speed and coordinates correctly.
Google Maps finds the location instantly.

I have tried the HU with and without wifi hotspot connection. it is marginally better with the hotspot.
i.e. Sygic gets a fix for a short period of time, before losing the fix again.
I note for those periods where it does work, GPS Status shows the sats as green instead of grey and Sygic shows as blue instead of grey.

Seems to me both iGO and Sygic are having problems talking to google location services (i assume that is how they get the location)

Any assistance appreciated
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