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Wanted : members who want to be part of the new Uploader/Re   

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Wanted : members who want to be part of the new Uploader/Re

Postby nabi » Wed Sep 15, 2010 7:08 pm

The Navitotal Team is looking for :

An uploader will post all links for each section on NT (this includes maps,software, languages, voices, etc.).
His posts will be informative as well (requirements for the uploaded things)
He will also take care of the links being working and up to date

As an uploader, you upload and take care of your links. You only upload here.
You are loyal to Navitotal. The password for your uploads will be 'navitotal'.

A releaser has a way to get the latest maps or software updates (like an active subscription or any other way) and give them to the UPLOADER or as UPLOADER, share the new things himself

Releasers and Uploaders will have some privileges.
The new teammembers will have a private lounge, where they can meet, discuss, ...
Of course they will have more rights than a classic user and won't see ads.
And finally they will have a special usertitle and/or username with a nice color.

If you are interested please PM an Admin, tendriver or Myself...
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