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Postby nabi » Mon Jul 04, 2011 11:55 am

To prevent spam, a new spam filter has been installed. Since the installation, zero spam posts were visible to our users !!

How does it work?
Every "suspicious" post is placed in a queue and needs a team member to approve the publishing.
Queued posts are not visible to anyone, except to team members.


You have a problem
You made a post and your post is not visible on the forum. What to do?

2 possibilities arise:

[b]A: [/b]you are an advertiser (we call that a spammer)

(1) your post will be deleted, no-one on Navitotal will ever see your ads !
(2) spammers AND THEIR IP will be banned forever!
Your IP is stored in a database and will be blocked on every other website consulting that database !
Realize this: each day, more and more websites do consult that database, thus the easiest way to never be able to post spam again is to post spam on this forum ! Don't let me stop you. ;-)

[Please Register or Login to download file]


B: you are no advertiser

Your post will only be published a little later. A small price to prevent real spamming posts.
Therefor do not double or triple post! Just be patient. Due to time differences, it can take a while to take care of the queue. Besides, we are not on line 24/7, we have a family and a job, in short: we have a life.
Should it take too long, PM a Super-Moderator.


We ask for your cooperation:
Spammers are inventive. When you see a spam post that has passed the filter somehow, press the [color=red]report button.



PM is enabled for everyone. When you get a PM that is spam, please PM a moderator or Super-Moderator.


Thanks for understanding


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