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All important announcements & forum rules are made here, please read them carefully!

Forum rules!

Postby Capo » Sun Jun 13, 2010 3:44 pm

Forum rules

Welcome to NaviTotal - your forum for all your GPS needs.

Like anywhere else, Navitotal has some rules, please take the time to read them...

1. Registration

Before you can post on Navitotal, or use our links, you have to register.
You need a valid Email address and a user name, that is not already in use.
User names that relate to the names of the forum, an existing mod or admin are not tolerated. A user name must not be a web address, brand name or any part of either. The same applies to user names with racist or porn content, as well as anything we consider offensive/unsuitable!
A user name is permanent so choose wisely!

2. Behaving

The phrase "What you do comes back to you" is also valid for this forum!
We expect you to post in a friendly and factual way. Offensive or discriminating behavior will not be tolerated!
If you have a problem with a user, send the user a PM, instead of posting it in public!
If you have been offended by a user, you can contact the team to help you solve the problem.
The team can use warnings or, in severe cases, ban a user from the forum for not following these rules!

3. Signature

Over the User CP you can add/edit your signature. A good idea is to put your device details into your signature.
This helps the team to know what device you have, and what software/maps you are using, etc....
You can also add a personal note, but links to other websites or banners of any kind are not allowed.

4. Language

Swearing or other offensive language is unnecessary and not permitted. The only language allowed on the Navitotal forum is English! If you have trouble translating your native language to English, you can use a translator (like google). Try to describe your question or problem as completely as possible. Post the information the team needs, by stating exactly what you did before the problem occurred and what you have done so far! Remember, no one can help you, if you are not able to describe your problem. Try to make it short and factual.

5. Racism, discrimination, pornography

Posts containing racism, discrimination or pornography will not be tolerated and will cause a life long ban of the user that posted them!
We reserve the right to transmit the user's details including the used IP and a copy of the post to the authorities for legal action.

6. Disallowed links

Links to other forums, commercial ads, ad providers, warez sites, video portals, dangerous websites or gambling sites of any type are not allowed. They will be removed and may lead to a permanent forum ban!
Links to commercial websites or other websites will be removed, if they are not an essential part of the posting. Links to your private non-commercial homepage is OK.
Banners of any kind are not permitted.
Links to mirrors of files (like maps) that are already existing in the forum are OK.

7. Postings and threads

Before you start a new thread or make a new posting about your problem, please use the search function in the forum to check if your problem has already been discussed or even solved.
When a moderator finds a posting that has already been discussed/solved, he can delete it without further notice.
Before you make a post, check for the right and logical section that best fits your issue.
Some areas won't allow you post there. Simply post in the 'General Discussion' section of that sub-forum. A moderator will move your post to the correct forum section.
Sometimes it might be a good idea to send a PM to a mod, if you have posted something special but don't request support by PM as it denies others the chance to learn.
If you think your postings are not being answered soon enough, be patient. The team members are volunteers, who have lives outside the forum. The team tries to answer all postings within 24 hours.
Know that the Navitotal team and the Forum users appreciate your contributions and help!


Use quotes with care. Full quotes of the posting one or two posts directly above yours is overdone! Very often the name of the user you answer to is more then sufficient.
For answering an older posting, a link to the posting together with the user name is enough.

9. Pictures

Pictures that you add to your posting should be small enough in size! Anything above 800x600 will cause problems for most users.
If you have to post a high-res- picture use a freehoster (e.g. [Please Register or Login to download file] , imageshack, ...). Some even offer a miniature preview that you can use in your posting.

10. Spam

Postings, that make no sense, are not helping at all or repeat an already solved problem, will be deleted by a mod without any comment.
Postings that are considered as spam can cause a ban of the user!
This includes double postings!

11. Moderators and Admins

A decision made by a moderator or admin is final and not to be discussed!
Warnings and bans are at the discretion of the moderator or admin and will reflect the magnitude of the offense.

12. Agreement

By creating an account you accept the rules of this forum!
The existing rules might be adjusted or additional rules added if necessary!
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