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test drive: primo 405521 + TT Europe 2014.03 (+SCDB)   

test drive: primo 405521 + TT Europe 2014.03 (+SCDB)

Postby nabi » Sun Sep 28, 2014 10:23 pm

I am back from a week vacation which I spent partly driving around. I made a 2K km trip trough Germany using my Windows CE device (with my Android phone as a spare), on it Primo, diMKa diMkaWA_P171 GpsForum.W.480 skin, latest Europe TT maps and latest SCDB fixed and mobile speedcams.

The verdict:

1. Primo proved itself capable and very stable. I had some minor issues though, that could be related to the skin or a wrong setting. Nothing to worry about.
This Primo might be the best so far and will stay on my device as my main program. :023:

2. The map(s). In short I found 4 map errors, except from a few (very few) wrong speed limits shown. One was a wrong colored road sign and the other three were all related to road works.
The first was a traffic diversion, which was a bit funny, because Primo first recalculated, then took the - known to TT ! - traffic diversion (in my scheme purple colored, normal route was red colored). This happened on the way up and the way down. Not a severe thing.
The second flaw was a very new road, a detour around a city, not known to the map yet. Logical, the construction was not completely ready. Funny in a way Primo wanting to recalculate the route when ever an existing road was crossed, driving "trough the field".
The third was worse, with a big detour. But not TT's fault either. A road construction or reconstruction as you want. A redirection on the other road side, then picking up the normal road just on a busy highway intersection in a very confusing way. I had to pick lanes first, which I could not due to the redirection on that other road side, ending up completely on the wrong lane on the intersection, taking the wrong highway.
After all, I don't blame TT for this. :024:

The detail of the map impressed me. Every small road was there, the parkings next to the highway were covered..

Yet this.
I spent a week in a hotel/pension. The address was known in the database, the POI also. However, driving to the address did not bring me to the hotel but a few hundred meters away, driving to the POI was hot on the spot!. Also an however. Coming from one direction, I ended up on the driveway, coming from the other, the map told me twice to take the driveway too soon.

3. SCDB Speedcams. Hmmm. Not quite positive. To start with, I did not see many fixed cameras, not on the GPS, not on the road. No points to gain or loose. A big "BUT" however for the mobile cams. Strange that in a country where are no speed limits on parts of the highway, mobile speedcams are announced without speed (just a "mobile speedcam ahead") - what is the point when no speed limits? :tease: however very often with the additional message "60 kms per hour" :bs_quesexclaim: (or 80). As you may guess, sometimes the announcement of the limited speed was correct too.
Never the less, I did see no mobile cams either.
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