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Install latest maps in your Android smartphone   

Install latest maps in your Android smartphone

Postby giant2000 » Wed Jul 22, 2015 7:23 am

You can use the MN7 & MN8 maps for Navigon on your Android smartphone.

If you install Navigon for the first time on your Android smartphone you'll allways get the latest maps but they will not be updated on this phone ever unless you buy Fresh Maps, which is expensie. To get the latest maps this is the way to do it:

Download MN7/MN8 maps on your Windows computer.
Uninstall Navigon completely, restart your smartphone and install Navigon again.
Install all countries you want to use and make sure it works.
Now close the app.
Overwrite the installed country maps files on your phone using windows explorer. Make sure they have the exact same name: replace the _ by space: for example, change United_Kindom.map to United Kingdom.map.
Restart Navigon.
Now Navigon works with the newest maps.

Never add countries, Navigon will download the old maps again and might not work proparly.
If you want to add a country uninstall navigon completely as discribed above.
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