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How to get Panorama 3D View on 4350max   

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How to get Panorama 3D View on 4350max

Post Number:#1 » Postby PepinYaco » Wed May 19, 2010 2:12 am

Panorama 3D View on 4350max
41x0Max Original software is in the (flash). Normally putting in the key, placing the file and correcting the settings is enough to let the thing come alive.

Panorama 3D View, is basically a 3D view mode that uses NASA terrain data to provide digital elevations to give you a close to real picture of what the sorounding landscape might look like. Street names are disable in this mode which is the biggest drawback.

Grab the [Please Register or Login to download file] File (3 Files) Or the [Please Register or Login to download file] file (6 Files)
--> 1. you must have correct 3D-landscape file (NA or EU Terrain.nfs).
--> 2. you must have correct maps to go with that (MN7.4 and higher Q2, Q3 and Q4 European or NA)
--> 3. you must add the key in device.xml.
--> 4.you must activate landmarkview 3D within the settings menu.
--> 5. Edit Usersettings.xml (or usersettings.default if the xml file is missing) with notepad.
--> 6. look for < OldMapDrawer >1< /OldMapDrawer > change it to < OldMapDrawer >0< /OldMapDrawer > without spaces
--> 7. look for < PanoramaView >0< /PanoramaView > change it to < PanoramaView >1< /PanoramaView > without spaces
Thank You p750mmx
--> 8. Do a factory reset and it should work.
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Post Number:#2 » Postby GRAFLIX1 » Tue Feb 21, 2012 11:44 am

Hi, I have a 6300 and a 4300max. The max I can play with but in not being to computer savvy, can you simplify your procedure for me?

Do I seek the files within the device or some other access?

Hope you can assist.

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Re: How to get Panorama 3D View on 4350max

Post Number:#3 » Postby melo70 » Mon Aug 11, 2014 12:37 am

where would u find the key to add?
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