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Navdesk not recognizing Move55   

Navdesk not recognizing Move55

Post Number:#1 » Postby stasis007 » Thu Mar 03, 2016 6:19 am

Hi guys, hoping someone can help.

I recently bought a Navman Move55 and decided to 'update' the map using a map downloaded from the official Navman site. I simply unzipped and dragged the new map into the Map folder of the Move55 and deleted the existing map. I'd intended to cut'n'paste the existing map but messed up and lost it... and then overwrote the deleted file apparently according to recovery software!

Unit now errors, "No maps loaded successfully. Please ensure maps are installed and registered before using the device.". That's fine, I guess, it's DRM working as intended. Unfortunately now I can't reinstall the map that came with it and it's completely unusable!

I'm assuming that Navdesk has some ability to correct this, but Navdesk won't recognize I've plugged in the Move55. Windows recognizes it no problems and I'm using the recommended version of Navdesk for the Move55 (v7.50.0111.133 Edition K). I've tried on Windows10 and Windows 8.1 and even tried the correct Mac version on an i-something or other but it's not recognizing it.

I've tried different usb sockets. It's displaying the usb link graphic on the unit when plugged in. Windows happily tells me I've just plugged in a Move55. Can only assume that it's an issue with Navdesk.

Anyone had a similar experience? Anyone know of a fix?
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