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REQ: Recent Greece map for Destinator 7-9 for WinCE

Has anyone a recent map for Greece for the Destinator 7, 8 or 9 for WinCE/Windows Mobile Palm PCs?

Thanks in advance!
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Mls Destinator 4800c wrong update help

hello guys,

i am newbie here . i have a serious problem with my destinator ! First of all , i have an mls destinator 4800c , do you know that model;

my navigator has wince 6.0 with destinator 1.34 ! its an pna ! So , my problem is that i make a mistake when i updated my maps and now i cant load my destinator.exe !

The worst is that i forgot to ...
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Smart Navi with Destinator 6.1.646987


I have an old Smart Navi (Model DOTN-400B with Win CE NET4) I have just started using again and it is fine.. everything works.

Anyone help as to how and where I can update the maps and maybe the firmware?

Australian and US (Calif - Tennessee) maps


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Destinator maps 2015


Does anyone has links for the latest maps?

Thank you in advance!
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Packard Bell Compasseo 760 updates

I like to know how to update and/or put new maps on the SD for a Packard Bell Compasseo 760. I can see tere is a filemap on the SD called : DestinatorApps containing the routemaps so i hope i am asking this on the right place here.

thx in advance

( The Netherlands )
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Could not Uninstall Apps on Windows Ce 5.0

Hello forum,

I have an Unlocked Destinator GPS system and I have full access to its windows ce...
I tried to install some apps but there were not working, so i was going to uninstall them

Oh well... Control Panel, Remove Programs, Selected the program, tapped uninstall and...BAM!...

The following message appears...
"The program has not been removed because the following files are currently in use or are read-only. Please close all programs and ...
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Mls Destinator windows ce 5.0 Password Locked!! HELP!!

Hello guys, hello forum.

I have an unlocked gps with wince 5.0 and I tried to set a password for startup....the next time it booted...it was asking for a password... the problem is that i can't type the password because either the gps hasn't a keyboard or the resolution is only 320x240 and i can't still reach the text box to enter the password!!

Activesync and mass storage works...

Any suggestions?
Thanks in advance!
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YFloaderMLC.exe question

Hello guys, hello forum

I'm new in this forum. I have an Mls Destinator Device with Windows CE core 5.0 and I have a question, maybe a bit silly!

What is the file that YFloaderMLC.exe has and with this file when i press the power button the device starts to countdown for 30 seconds and then the device shuts down?Is it located in the Windows folder?Or it's included in the .exe?

Sorry for my English ...
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carbon2.3b D9 skin (400x240,480x234,480x272) support

does anyone have a link to download this skin please carbon2.3b
D9 skin (400x240,480x234,480x272) support all the links i have found are with megaupload which is no good now

Thank you
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Help - Need Destinator for my Toyota Vitz RS built in navi System

Hi All,

This is a very helpful site if you're having issues with your GPS or navi system. Keep up the good work. I want to know if I can convert the Japanese navi system of my car to English? I know the navi system works cause I have tried putting the voice navigation system "Japan" that comes with the car and it's working perfectly it just doesn't show up the landmarks cause the DVD ...


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