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Equivalent META codes   

Equivalent META codes

Post Number:#1 » Postby UrbanXplorer » Mon Jan 09, 2017 6:23 pm

In my search for meta's for new maps, I read a few interesting postings about equivalent meta's. There are a few postings on this board, but I read the 'Special V980 maps' on another forum: (Mod note: links to other forums are not allowed)

Now I think I succeeded in patching the map Western_Europe_980_7899 by tracing back to an equivalent older Meta. At least, FastActivate v23-12-2016 reported it as OK. So, I hope that means it is valid...

For my TT Go (a TOYOTA II on original navcore v7.828) I was looking for a map version v980.7899 as displayed in one of the many posted 'what-map-works-on-what-navcore-tables' like [Please Register or Login to download file] .

That one says: The Meta for 980.7899 = 975.7689 = 970.7468. With that in mind, I looked for the v970.xxx table and so on. Just until I found a map with a known Meta. So, I followed the route below and got:

1) 980.7899 = 975.7689 = 970.7468
2) 970.7468 = 965.7252 = 960.7057
3) 960.7057 = 955.6745 = 950.6491
4) 950.6491 = 945.6176 = 940.5966
5) 940.5966 = 937.5916 = 935.5744
6) 937.5916 = 935.5744 = 930.5560
7) 930.5560 = KNOWN !!! (topic15548.html)

So, the meta for the old:
; Western_Europe v930.5560
12 0B 49 96 00 CB 12 71 71 ED C8 50 06 28 89 AB Western_Europe-913.meta

would be exactly the same as for the new:
; Western_Europe v980_7899
12 0B 49 96 00 CB 12 71 71 ED C8 50 06 28 89 AB Western_Europe-100937.meta

After adding the code to the 'Integrated_meta.txt' used by FastActivate.exe, it reported "Western_Europe-100937.meta.dct = OK". Unfortunately the map doesn't seem to work on my old TT with aged navcore.

So, before posting this 'new' meta in the thread Meta Codes 980 (maps-v9xx-f179/meta-codes-980-t19324.html), I would like you to check this out as well.

And if it works for you too, would it be a good idea to open a special thread where users can post their found 'back-traced' meta's?

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