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FAQ: Garmin NSF4 (VW Maps & More)   

This Section is for General discussion and help for Navigon GPS Systems.

FAQ: Garmin NSF4 (VW Maps & More)

Post Number:#1 » Postby Romanji » Sun Dec 27, 2015 5:42 pm

As a proud CNG Up owner, I see there's a surprising lack of info about this satnav, so...

Differences between models
Early run (through mid 2013?) is Navigon branded and has half the RAM of the Garmin model. The Garmin is thus, also in practice, considered superior.

Trip computer doesn't see the car, audio may or may not work, but charges fine
Clean the contacts (plug and socket) of both ends of the dock arm; the car side is generally at fault.

Can it be used standalone?
Yes, any standard USB charger (data lines shorted together) will not trigger PC connection mode, and in fact you can buy an official set of charger and suction cup!

Can you hack it into a car that doesn't support it?
Yes, as long as you're using a compatible VW radio (the nav connects through it). If you're willing to drill the dashboard you already have, it can be done for less than 500 €, or so I heard...

This board requires you to be registered and logged-in to view hidden content.

Can you create your own POIs?
Mostly not; you can use CSV files (with matching name BMP, transparency allowed but don't ask me how) in the MyPOIs folder in this format:
Code: Select all
long.dddddd,lat.dddddd,title ,PHONENUMBER=phone number~description
, but they're clearly second-class:
- They can only be accessed searched for if you're (physically or in your by-city search) within 50 km;
- There's a limit of files and entries per file, though it can be edited in a settings text file;
- No proximity or speed alarms like in a real Garmin
And no, there's no known editor for POM files; Navigon used to sell a PoiWarner program but it dates back to 2006...

Can you freely change skins/unlock features exclusive to different fuels/use it without owning a compatible car?
You can hack the vehicle detection, indeed:
-Create an empty file in the root BrandDevice.reg to reset the pairing on next boot;
-Also create a file VwBrandDevice\Settings\UserSettingsDevMode.default:
Code: Select all
<?xml version='1.0' encoding='iso-8859-1'?>

The questions that'll come up will be hard ;) You can review the configuration picked up from your car (or manually entered) by scrolling all the way down the Navi>Options>Settings>Options>About dialog!

Can you backup/edit on PC your favorites/recents?
No to the second question, yes to the first one: edit your autorunce.mscr file, and replace the CheckForMarkerFiles section:
Code: Select all
Sub CheckForMarkerFiles

   fAvviaBackup = "\My Flash Disk\SalvaPreferiti.txt"
   fAvviaReset = "\My Flash Disk\ResettaNavigatore.txt"
   fAvviaRipristino = "\My Flash Disk\InstallaPreferiti.txt"

   If ( FileExists(fAvviaBackup) )
      # elimina flag
      SetFileAttribute(fAvviaBackup, "readonly", FALSE)

      # Copia file dalla partizione nascosta      
      MkDir("\My Flash Disk\BackupPreferiti")
      Copy("\MN Settings\Favorites.store", "\My Flash Disk\BackupPreferiti\Favorites.store", TRUE)
      Copy("\MN Settings\Favorites.old", "\My Flash Disk\BackupPreferiti\Favorites.old", TRUE)
      Copy("\MN Settings\RecentTargets.store", "\My Flash Disk\BackupPreferiti\RecentTargets.store", TRUE)
      Copy("\MN Settings\RecentTargets.old", "\My Flash Disk\BackupPreferiti\RecentTargets.old", TRUE)

   If ( FileExists(fAvviaReset) )
      # elimina flag
      SetFileAttribute(fAvviaReset, "readonly", FALSE)

      # elimina impostazioni dalla partizione nascosta
      DelTree("\MN Settings\*.*")

      # elimina screenshot
      DelTree("\My Flash Disk\ScreenShots\*.*")

      # elimina crash dump (non creati con questo initscript??)
      DelTree("\My Flash Disk\NAVIGON\ErrorReporter\*.*")

      # elimina percorsi preinstallati
      DelTree("\My Flash Disk\NAVIGON\ExampleRoutes\*.*")
      # elimina percorsi registrati
      DelTree("\My Flash Disk\NAVIGON\Tracks\*.*")

      Run("\My Flash Disk\Reset.exe")

   If ( FileExists(fAvviaRipristino) )
      # elimina flag
      SetFileAttribute(fAvviaRipristino, "readonly", FALSE)

      # Copia file alla partizione nascosta      
      WriteFile("\My Flash Disk\BackupPreferiti\StatoRipristino.txt", "iniziato", FALSE)
      Copy("\My Flash Disk\BackupPreferiti\Favorites.store", "\MN Settings\Favorites.store", TRUE)
      Copy("\My Flash Disk\BackupPreferiti\Favorites.old", "\MN Settings\Favorites.old", TRUE)
      Copy("\My Flash Disk\BackupPreferiti\RecentTargets.store", "\MN Settings\RecentTargets.store", TRUE)
      Copy("\My Flash Disk\BackupPreferiti\RecentTargets.old", "\MN Settings\RecentTargets.old", TRUE)
      WriteFile("\My Flash Disk\BackupPreferiti\StatoRipristino.txt", "completato", FALSE)
      Run("\My Flash Disk\Reset.exe")

Then you'll be able to copy recents and favorites from the hidden partition by creating an empty SalvaPreferiti.txt in the root of the internal memory, ejecting and letting your device boot, then reconnecting it!
Copy them back by creating InstallaPreferiti.txt! :023:

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